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Clan Rules

The Diseased Clan Rules

-Cheating, glitching and boosting is not accepted in [-TD] any Members caught will be instantly dismissed from the clan without warning.
-If you have a Headset please use it to communicate with Clan Members.
-Please do not spam the Website, Forum or Chatbox. Please quickly check before posting in Forum for existing posts. Dulplicates will be deleted.
-Trash talking or being rude is not tolated, we are a mature clan. If a member is caught, they will receive a warning from either a Staff Member or Leader.

-All new applicants will have a 1 week Recruit requirement and must wear the tag [-TDr]. Recruits will have limited access on the site.
-Once Members have passed pthe recruitment stage you will receive an invite on elite and have full access to website.
-Your Recruit week is simply to see how much you get involved with the Clan and how Active you are on our Clan Website and your PS3.
-Do not invite your friends to join [-TD] and say they can join. Direct them to website and tell to submit a Clan Application.

Clan Tags
-Members MUST use the [-TD] tag at all times. (exceptions made when trying to get a game with alot of Members)
-Anyone caught not wearing their Clan tag will be warned and maybe dismissed.

-A Member is deemed inactive if they have not been present within 2 weeks.
-If your going to be Inactive for a certain amout of time please fillout the Inactivity Form on the Forum.
-This is located in Inactivity | Checkin .. Failure to be active or submit the inactivity form can result in removal from [-TD] without warning.
-Site Activity will be monitored and noted if Members are not using the site, this alone could result in removal from the clan.
-Members must check into the Website atleast twice a week for News updates and also to add your input to the clan.
-All Clan Events and Match arrangements will be done through the site so this is important.

3rd Party Sites
-Call of Duty Elite | http://elite.callofduty.com
-All Members are required to have a Elite account. This is needed for access to the Gold Clan tag and our Clan Title.
-Invites will be sent out once a Member has passed their Tryout and not before so don't keep asking where your Elite invite is.
-Please follow/add us on Facebook and Twitter.

-Once joined [-TD] you have accepted these rules and must follow them at all times. Failure to do so will result in Warnings and/or Banning from the Clan.

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